Our Company


McCarthy Masonry & Concrete Inc. has become the premier commercial masonry and concrete contractor in the tri-state area.  Their reputation has been built on quality, dependability, and devotion to their customers since 1989.  They are proud to have served the community over the past 30 years in the industry.

Our Company


James P. McCarthy established McCarthy Masonry early in 1989. The focus at that time was on small masonry jobs. However, there were other goals established that provided a map to the company’s future endeavors. In 1994, McCarthy Masonry & Concrete, Inc., was officially established as a corporation with James P. McCarthy as President. While the name changed slightly to reinforce the addition of our concrete contracting service, the corporate goals remained the same as before; to establish a company that would be a regional leader in the masonry and concrete industry. The client base was growing to focus largely on industrial and commercial projects in lieu of smaller jobs. As successes compounded, the company realized controlled growth in the masonry and concrete construction market.

McCarthy's Vision

We Value Our Employee's


By encouraging the involvement of all personnel, from upper management to our labor force we make safety synonymous with McCarthy Masonry & Concrete, Inc. Accidents are not only avoidable, but are unacceptable.

The foundation of our safety system is a training program, which encompasses employees at all levels—enabling them to be both educated and responsible when it comes to project safety.

The most important measurement of our safety program is not necessarily the awards we have won or what safety statistics we have for any given year. It’s that every night, our employees leave the jobsite and go home safely to their families. That is what we call success.


All new McCarthy Masonry & Concrete, Inc. employees participate in a new-hire safety orientation program prior to assuming any job duties.

Safety Staff

McCarthy Masonry & Concrete, Inc. has a dedicated safety professional on staff organizing needed training programs and various safety initiatives.

Safety Meetings

We have a state certified safety committee which conducts meetings to promote personnel involvement in safety issues as well as provide a forum for discussion.

Providing Excellent


We have an uncompromising commitment to providing our customers with quality masonry and concrete services, while meeting the highest level of ethical standards and performance on each project. At McCarthy Masonry & Concrete, Inc., quality performance means two things. First, we take pride in satisfying our customers by delivering our services in a way that meets the project requirements. Secondly, we are committed to continuously improving the processes by which we provide our services. How? Action. We empower all our superintendents with the latest technology so they are equipped to meet any challenge.